Although we don’t offer apple picking directly off the tree, we welcome you to fill your own basket from a freshly picked variety of apples. Apples are made of mostly water and are one of the most nutritionally complete fruits.   Apples are also high in fiber and are a quick easy snack. Below are a few of our most popular apple varieties and when their season generally begins. 


BARTLETT PEARS:  Most common variety of pear. Sweet, juicy and slightly buttery.  Most common variety of pear and is multi-purpose.   Usually available through September.  AVAILABLE NOW 

CAMEO:  Fairly bland with a hint of pear.  Crispier than Red Delicious.  Better for eating than for baking. COMING SOON

CORTLAND: Mildly tart, white flesh.  Excellent for eating, baking, salads and sauce.  Season begins mid September. AVAILABLE NOW

EMPIRE: Slightly tart, cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious, firmer and longer shelf life than McIntosh.  Juicy, eating or baking.  Ripens mid September. AVAILABLE NOW 

FUJI: Juicy, sweet, crispy, and refreshing.  Ideal for snacking. AVAILABLE NOW 

GALA:  Mild, sweet flavor.  Crisp. Recommended for eating, salads, applesauce and apple cider.  Season begins in early September.  AVAILABLE NOW

GOLDEN DELICIOUS: Mild, sweet, juicy.  Excellent for snacking, salads or baking.  Season begins early October. COMING SOON

GOLDEN SUPREME:   Juicy and crisp wit a coarse/grained flesh.  Good for eating, baked apples, and other desserts.  FINISHED FOR THE SEASON

HONEY CRISP:   Cross between Honey Gold, Golden Delicious, and Macoun.  This is a near perfect raw apple.  Has a sweetly tart light berry flavor and fantastically crisp.  Mostly used for eating, sandwiches, and salads. AVAILABLE NOW

IDA RED: Tart at harvest time, mellows in storage.  Flesh is white, firm and crisp.  Can be used for eating, but excellent for baking.  Keeps well in winter.  Ripens mid to late October. COMING SOON

JONA-MAC:  Cross between a Jonathan and a McIntosh.  Firm Flesh, crisps sweet/tart flavor, excellent eating.  Season begins in early September. COMING SOON

JONAGOLD:  Cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan.  Tangy-sweet with honey-like flavor.  Good for eating, salads, juicing. AVAILABLE NOW 

MATSU (Crispin): Slightly tart, Golden Delicious type apple, excellent dessert or cooking, very large.  Ripens mid to late October. COMING SOON 

MACOUN: Firm flesh is juicy and snow white whit a sweet hint of berry.  Good for eating, sauces, cheese platters, and salads.  Very short season which begins mid September. AVAILABLE NOW  

McINTOSH: Mildly tart, soft, aromatic. Delicious for snacking. Also good for salads, sauce and some cooking.  Season begins mid September. AVAILABLE NOW

PINK LADY:  Sweetly tart, crisp, and refreshing.  Holds their whit color longer when cut.  Great for salads, sandwiches, cheese boards, baking, and eating.  Derived from Granny Smith. COMING SOON

RED DELICIOUS: Very mild and sweet. Best for snacking.  Season starts early October. COMING SOON

RUBY FROST: Sweet and tart, crispy, juicy.  Good for baking and eating.  Season starts mid-October. COMING SOON

SNAP DRAGON: Spicy sweet with a monster crunch.  It’s parent is the Honey Crisp, so if you like Honey Crisp you will love SnapDragon.  Best for eating.  Season starts mid October. COMING SOON

STAYMAN WINESAP: Tart. Crisp. Eating. Baking. Keeps Well.  Season begins mid to late October. COMING SOON

Our apples are sold by the following size baskets, and should be filled to slightly rounded:

2 Quarts:  Approximately 3 pounds.  Makes 3 to 4 cups applesauce or 1 – 9″ deep dish apple pie.

1/2 Peck:  Approximately 5-6 pounds or 18-20 apples.  Makes 2 quarts applesauce or 2-3  9″ deep dish apple pie.

Peck:  Approximately 10 to 12 pounds.  Makes 3 to 4 quarts applesauce or 5 to 6  9″ deep dish apple pie.

1/2 Bushel:  Approximately 20 to 22 pounds.  Makes 7 to 8 quarts applesauce, or 10 to 12 9″ deep dish apple pie, or 10 quarts juice.

We also sell them by the pound if you would like a lesser quantity.